Ten things about Serena “Sauce” Brooke

1.  I got the nickname ‘sauce’ from putting tomato sauce {ketchup} on everything I ate, from hot dogs to toast!

2.  I have skydived twice my next goal is to do a night jump.

3.  I am one of 6 girls in my family; I grew up with 5 sisters.

4.  I have had a few injuries some of which include 10 stitches in my head, 25 stitches under my chin and smashed molar teeth, 2 operations on my eye, don’t know how many stitches? 5 stitches in my little toe, 3 stitches in my leg, Broken big toe, a broken hand that still has 2 screws in it, all from surfing.

5.  I am a very spiritual person, I love travelling to places that are high in energy (like Machu Picchu in Peru)  I love learning and remembering more about who I am from a spiritual perspective.

6.  I have 2 kids that I sponsor through Plan Australia, one boy and one girl. I have sponsored Children for over 10 years. They are in Peru and Bangladesh

7.  I like to do what makes ME happy, I don’t conform to the ‘shoulds’ in this socially conditioned rollercoaster we call life, or buy into peoples fear based perceptions. I am an individual and do what makes me happy without fear or guilt as long as you have love and respect for yourself and others life is magic.

8.  I have a tattoo under my left arm which says ‘LOVE’ in English and Japanese kanji writing.

9.  I love fast cars, motorbikes and laughing at my own silly jokes.

10. I love rabbits they are my favourite animals, they also happen to be my Chinese sign