Surf Stronger Releases Core Training With Serena Brooke

From the leaders in surf-specific training comes Surf Stronger Core Training. Surf Stronger’s Scott Adams and veteran pro surfer Serena Brooke teamed up to design this challenging core workout video. The program features a Pre-Surf Warm Up, a Core and Flexibility workout and a super-efficient Quick Core workout. The program also introduces a cool, original soundtrack by the Surf Stronger House Band. This workout uses an excercise ball and a yoga mat. http://www.surfstronger.com/pages/downloads/

7 Girls

9 Islands, 6 Boats, 56 Bikinis, 1 Wetsuit, 5 Broken Boards, 128 Bars Of Wax…
Do you ever wish you could live the surfer’s life? Traveling around the globe from one exotic surf break to another? Well, here’s your chance. 7 Girls is a year in the life of women’s surfing. Experience a luxurious boat trip to Fiji, The Quicksilver in Indo, a month in Hawaii at it’s most famous breaks, the ROXY Pro in Tavarua, famous Tahitian wave Teahupoo, and more.
World Champion Layne Beachley, Australian firecracker Serena Brooke, Vans Triple Crown star Heather Clark, Roxy Pro winner Megan Abubo, barrel queen Rochelle Ballard, Hawaiian charger Keala Kennelly, super grom Sophia Mulanovich, and friends take you on their adventures around the globe.

Poetic Silence

Poetic Silence

Shot on location in the Mentawai Islands. Join us on two separate boat journey’s for over thirty days in the beautiful setting of the Mentawai Islands. Shot entirely on 16mm film. This movie will leave you packing your bags and making reservations… Starring: Rochelle Ballard, Serena Brooke, Megan Abubo, Kate Skarrett, Holly Beck, Sam Cornish, Julie Morris, Dara Penfold, Kim Wooldridge, and Holly Monkman.

Blue Crush

Blue Crush is billed as the original all-girl surfer’s movie, and it’s guaranteed to please devotees of the sport. It’s a mixed blessing, however, because it assumes familiarity with the sport and its superstars, dispensing with any educational or historical detail that would appeal to neophytes. After all, how can this film be dedicated to Rell Sunn (the pioneer of female competitive surfing, who died in of breast cancer in 1998 at age 47) and fail to explore her illustrious career? This haphazard approach extends to profiles of the young women who regard Sunn as their hero; we learn little of their backgrounds and how they rose to prominence on the waves. Blue Crush works best as a globetrotting, music-video tour of surfdom’s prime locations (Samoa, Hawaii, the Gold Coast, South Africa)


The makers of Blue Crush bring you the women’s high performance video of the year!!! Filmed in brilliant 16mm film, Digital Video and super 8 film, “Peaches” Captures the beauty and intensity of the womens surfing movement. Starring: Rochelle Ballard, Keala Kennelly, Megan Abubo, Serena Brooke, Lisa Andersen, Layne Beachley, Trudy Todd, Pauline Menczer, Holly Monkman, Julie Morris, Sena Seramur and more! Shot on location in: The Mentawais, Tahiti, Austrailia, Hawaii’s North Shore, California, Tow-in footage filmed at Hawaii’s Outer Reefs.

Modus Mix

Billygoat Productions presents The Modus Mix. A women’s surf film by Bill Ballard. From the makers of Blue Crush, Poetic Silence and Peaches. Modus is latin for modern and the entire soundtrack in a unique Mix of music. This film is a breakthrough in women’s surf movies, with each girl showcasing their talents in THEIR OWN sections. Sit back, watch, and experience the best in today’s women’s surfing. Starring Rochelle Ballard, Keala Kennelly, Megan Abubo, Lisa Anderson, Layne Beachley, Chelsea Georgeson, Sofia Mulanovich, Kate Skarratt, Serena Brooke, Sam Cornish, Holly Beck and a few others

Our Turn

XX Productions presents “Our Turn”, a film documenting the top pro women skaters, snowboarders, and surfers ripping it up in exotic locations around the world. Inspiring footage of Karleen Jeffery’s racing down the steeps of Alaska, Cara-Beth Burnside dropping in and airing out of huge skate ramps in California, and Keala Kennelly charging huge Tahitian barrels.